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Guitars, Vocals, Saxophones

I was born and raised in Norther Michigan. I’ve played music for most of my life. I have a wife and 3 children and reside in Franklin, Tennessee.

The kids are grown, so I took time to get quiet (in a forest) and decide what was next in my life.

This is what I came up with:

Music changes the world.

It is the bridge for most everything. Celebration, reflection, grieving, calls to arms, cry for love and understanding, comforting, preparing hearts and minds to receive...

No matter what hat I have worn in my life, music has always been the path I’ve taken to get back to my true self.

I find joy in the solitude of being by myself in the middle of a forest with only my thoughts and wildlife.

As crazy at it may sound, I find that same joy on stage entertaining.

I am Charlie and Music is my Bad Habit.

Nick Lauritano



Nick has played on several of my recording projects in my career.  Our paths crossed again, and he has been all in with Charlie's Bad Habit. 

"Jersey Nick is ready to party!" 

Nick is currently a drum instructor at Forks Drum Closet in Nashville, Tennessee. He has done numerous recording sessions for various artists in middle Tennessee and has performed with Jodee Messina, Billy Cox (from the Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies), Rick Ferrel, Tulie Brae and John Damato.

Nick's work can also be heard on radio jingles for Chuck E, Cheese and FAO Swartz Toy Store Clock featured in Hollywood films “Mighty Aphrodite” and “Big” starring Tom Hanks.

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Bass and Vocals

Nick brought Mike into the band.  Excellent choice as a vocalist and bass player, plus he knows where to plug all the things in to make music come out. Hailing from Vermont, Mike has produced or engineered over seventy independent album projects from amateurs to professionals. Has worked extensively throughout the US as well as Germany and the Caribbean. No claims to fame, no mingling with rock stars, just good honest work relationships with great talented players.

"I’m proud to be aligned with such a great band as Charlie’s Bad Habit!"

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Lead Guitar and Vocals

Cliff just showed up one day like a stray dog.  We let him play and he never left.

Cliff is another Vermont native seeking out a new start in a southern town. Staying one step ahead of his student loan officer has been challenging to say the least, but it has taught Cliff the proper use of camouflage and cover scent.

Cliff lets his guitar do his talking.

Band Members: Band Members
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